Food and Drinks

Groups of over 40 people are allowed to bring their own food. Outside drinks are NOT allowed! 

You are cooking for your family every day. So wouldn't it be nice to have an 'off day' full of enjoyment? Go out, have fun and let Sajuna do the cooking for you.  Sajuna is famous for her fresh Tilapia and delicious Chicken Kebab. But we also serve burgers, pork chops, beef with rice or chips, home-made sandwiches, fresh salads and much much more. 


Local Food

If you have an appetite for more traditional food, but don't want the hassle of bringing your own, you do not have to worry. At Sajuna, we serve local food, with that special home-made taste. Fufu, Banku, Light soup and other local dishes are on the menu. And all for local prices!

So while you're at Sajuna Beach Club, order your food from our kitchen. You deserve it!